my career save file was missing, how to fix it, i'm playing from epic games

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in MyCAREER 3 weeks ago asked by Naupeell
my career file was missing, i get this game from epic games, how can i back up the data ? how can i restore the data

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2 weeks ago answered by user
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2 weeks ago answered by user
No clue I have the exact same problem I put in a ticket to 2k support and the lazy f#ck$ that they are haven't replied and this is a huge problem that's happening to lots of people 2k is full of retards
2 weeks ago commented by user
yep just lost mine aswell..
2 weeks ago commented by user
It sucks bro
2 weeks ago commented by MrAussieKnob
yep, grinder 50 hours straight just to quit the game from the menu and my overall 80 save is gone :(. epic need to step up there gane
2 weeks ago commented by HULALA
same happened to me
2 weeks ago commented by gnahtiek
same dude i've been waiting for some sort of update just to get myplayer back :/
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2 weeks ago answered by epicsucks
they don't even care. they won't fixed it sorry for your lost and mine too.
the support will give you "one time courtesy restoration" and yes if you use that your character will be back and will disappear again if you play some games.

just wait for epic games to fixed their cloud saves that deleted the data when the game crashes
or buy it in steam instead.

my character is gone too and I already deleted the game. waiting for epic announcement.
2 weeks ago commented by epicsucksbutthanksforfreegames
the support will tell you
"SHOW ME THE EVIDENCES !" oh damn if I know it would happens I will record all my playing all the time to send it to you
"TRY THE CLOUD SAVES RESTORE !" WTF epic games doesn't have any restore button for this game

they will send you this link
to read something doesn't even exist in Epic Games platform

Launch Epic Games
Click on Library in the left-hand menu
Click on the three dots under the game art
Select Sync Data Now

"Sync Data Now WHAT!!?!?"
2 weeks ago commented by user
You should verify your account in your email after getting the game. It says there that your account will be deleted if it is not activated within 48 hours. Also once activated, never close the game in loading screen or going to other apps (alt+tab) while it is loading because it will corrupt your file
2 weeks ago commented by Stefanus Ervin
i crash 3 times and my career gone
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1 week ago answered by BAGDADO
Me to that happening to me for the 3rd time 2k should stop the online depending on my carreer they should let people play my carrer without internet. I am tired of wasting my time