Where are the classic teams in 2k16 for Xbox 360?

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in NBA Basketball 3 years ago asked by user
Please answer ASAP

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3 years ago answered by user
in 2k forum is stated by 2k mail reply that new classsic teams are only available for new gen XB1 and PS4...

This is so misleading that many of us, longtime customers, bought the game for the same price than new gen players. Fairly I believe this is just a move to make people buy next gen consoles altought it would be really easy to them to include in xbox360 or ps3...

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2 years ago answered by user
i just bought NBA2K17 xbox 360 but there are so many missing details like the classic teams. why is it that in PS4, it is a complete package? i mean it's just the same price. the only different is that the prelude. may last question is. can i have the missing classic teams in NBA2K17 xbox 360?? thanks a lot.

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