To make three points

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in MyPARK / 2K Pro-Am 3 months ago asked by J Morales
Can’t seem to find my jump shot to make threes’ although my badges for three points are all 100...  What could be the issue?  2k17 was more practical on this matter.  You worked your way up but once you got there you were able to play your own game style without restrictions...  This new games seem to restrict one from playing the game using one owns knowledge.   Also the pushing and holding on this new version is unreal... and there is no penalty called...  Last but not least, I think is dumb to restrict a good player from humiliating a “vip” just because he is a vip...  Basketball is a played using one’s own intelligence especially when it is based on a video game.  Let people demonstrate their intelligence and knowledge of the game and stop hindering our abilities.

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