What is a good jump shot for sharpshooting point forward

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in MyPARK / 2K Pro-Am 4 months ago asked by Jalin Davis

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4 months ago answered by Shotgun steves
Ppl will tell you all sorts of stuff. The easier shots to use are in the 500 to 550 ms range.... easier to time, make%  on whites are generally higher but as a play sharp who's looking to use dribble moves to quickly come open and sneak a shot off you need to use the fastest jumper you are capable of timing...Anyone who tells you different is either an off ball build or doesnt play competitively... the shorter you are the even more important it becomes. Shots like 11, Aldridge, 25, 9 and even 8 to some extent are popular for a reason. 8 is the slowest I would go personally and I normally use Aldridge or 11...but 25 is a great jumpshot for a playsharp that's fast with a bigger green window...It will take some getting used to. Elite 3 85 win % play sharp here