Is there overall just an input delay on MyPark?

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in MyPARK / 2K Pro-Am 9 months ago asked by TheMattHatter
please let me know if anyone has had the same issue and if so how do you fix it? I have a direct connection to my router, so WiFi isn’t the issue, but there is still a half second to second delay when moving in a different direction, dribbling, or shooting.

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7 months ago answered by OG Stoney D
I have the same issue, there’s literally a whole second that it’s delayed for me too. Mypark/rec is impossible to play. Everyone else says the same thing. People have suggested getting a ps4 pro but I have no interest in getting one specifically for this game. Every other game I play I have 0 lag nor do I have any input lag on any other game except for 2k.