How do you advance past the amateur status?

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in MyCAREER 3 years ago asked by OzCauz69
Below my name and OVR is printed Amateur with two silver stars.  I notice others have a single gold star.  What is different between theirs and mine?

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3 years ago answered by J
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you gotta rank up to their level by scoring MyPOINTS etc
3 years ago commented by OzCauz69
Any guidance on how to get past amateur?  I am 88 and I have see 78's that are pro.
2 years ago commented by log
you have to play park, pro-am, and rec center a certain amount of times.
2 years ago commented by lakeshow
I'm at Pro rep rn and I think you rep up fast by putting up good stats, good teammate grade, and good record.
2 years ago commented by user
I got amateur 2 at 250 wins with .377 win pct and *- teammate grade. Making a glass cleaner and finding a stretch and sharp to play with is the way to go to

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