Why can't I wear my signature shoe on PS4 2k18

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in MyCAREER 3 years ago asked by Macque81
Neither of my shoes I created I can't wear there not going n my closet.

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3 years ago answered by user
I got an email from 2k they are working on a patch for it since it’s too many people that have this same issue
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3 years ago answered by Markinho
I have the same issue.
With colorway and signature shoes.
This game sucks really.
Another issues I have is with the Gatorade shirt I played and won over 50 games but it still says win 5 games with the Gatorade shirt on it.
3 months are over an it’s till not fixed.
3 years ago commented by user
That's because you have to win 5 my park games.
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3 years ago answered by Nysilencer
Same issue