Where to add my last 4 attributes?

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in Gameplay 4 years ago asked by user
i have a 6'9 outside sf.. have 4 attributes left and can't figure out what to do. My stats are shooting LVL16 insideLVL8 ath MAX playmakingLVL18 rebLVL14 DefMAX… i either want to add the last 4 to shooting or inside but can't decide.. i like doing post moves and thats definintly my sf weak point but idk if 4 attributes will help that much.. and i don't want to waste them. so should i max out shooting or add to inside???
and my post control is 56 overall.. if i added 4 attributes it would be like 62 or 63. would that be enough to move in and out to the post fairly quickly?

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